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Help cool down your attic by installation of a solar powered roof vent

Lake Forest Solar Fan Installation

Professional Solar Fan Installer

South County Roofing is a local roofing contractor offering free estimates for the installation of solar fans, wind turbines, and extra roof vents for your roof.

While solar fans are a relatively easy install for most roofs there is still a huge chance for error when deciding the appropriate watts needed and intake requirements for the space and the proper location of the unit it self.

Attic Ventilation Requirements

Ventilating your attic requires a balance of the intake ventilation and exhaust and you do need to take in account for the power of the fan.  The fans power (how many cfm’s the proposed fan will move).

You may be wondering how do I know how powerful of a solar fan do I need?  That is the first thing your contractor needs to determine.  This is determined by measuring your attic space (length x width).  Then subtract any vaulted ceiling (as you will not be able to move air through these).  Then match that up with the recommend fan size (see Solar Fan Venting Capacity below).

Attic Intake requirements

This is critical. The rule of thumb is for every 300 cfm’s the proposed fan will exhaust you will need 144 square inches of venting intake.  Intake is going to be a hole(s) or vent openings at or near the bottom of your roof.  Some of you may have gable vents as well that are now currently being used as hot air exhaust vents. When you add a powerful solar fan these vents may be changed from static exhaust vents into active intake vents.  You shouldn’t have to cover these up but the contractor needs to take them into account or you could end up pulling air from a single gable vent and simply exhausting it right out the solar fan vent.  That will not get the job done.  Incorrect vent spacing or an unbalanced intake system will result in poor solar fan ventilation (waste of your money).  Your contractor must know all these rules and know how and when to apply them.  You may even have some small holes at the eave portion of your roof that will need to be counted, measured, and accounted for.  For instance a 20 watt solar fan will need a minimum of 600 square inches of intake.  If you measure you gable vents and your current intake you still may need to install some eave vents.  And, keep in mind that if you already have some static exhaust vents you may need to either move or close though vents to prevent short cutting of the airflow.   It’s going to take you more than just Googling three roofers to get this done right.  You will need to find a roofer that will do what needs to be done in order to find out if a solar fan powered exhaust system is in your budget.  What you don’t want to do is buy your own fan and see who will install it the cheapest.

Available Solar Fan Sizes

Solar fans measure their power in watts.  The solar fans available to be installed from us is are the 10 watt 20 watt, 30 watt, and 50 watt solar fans. 

Solar Fan Venting Capacity

  • 10 watt: up to 850cfms (1000 square feet)
  • 20 watt: up to 1275cfms (1800 square feet)
  • 30 watt: up to 1550cfms (2500 square feet)
  • 50 watt: up to 1900cfms(3100 square feet)

Flashing Colors

  • Powder-Coated Gray
  • Powder-Coated Black Satin

Performance Features

  • Easy two hour installation
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credits
  • 25 Year Product Warranty

Can Be Installed on These Roof Types

  • Flat Roof
  • Sloped Roof
  • Asphalt Roof
  • Tile Roof
  • Wood Shake Roof


  • Thermal Snap Switch
  • Fire Safety Cutoff Switch
  • Garage Vent Kit
  • Remote Solar Panel
  • Flashing Skirt for Tile Roofs

Adjustable Solar Panel

Our fans incorporate a high impact photovoltaic solar panel with a 25 year warranty. The panels are available in 4 sizes (10, 20, 30, or 50 watt) to accommodate the correct amount of ventilation needed. Our solar fan has a unique adjustable mounting bracket that allows the solar panel to be positioned in the angle where it will collect the most sunlight to provide optimum fan performance. The mounting bracket also allows air to continually circulate around the solar panel keeping it cool for a consistent output. Many other fans offer a fixed solar panel that can hinder the units' performance.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Housing

The solar attic fan housing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams to prevent leaking. Because it is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment on a daily basis, Natural Light powder-coats the unit both inside and out for extra-durability. Many of our competitors either paint only the outside or do not paint the unit at all. Also, many of our competitors use less durable materials to house their attic fans including polypropylene (plastic), sheet metal or galvanized steel.

Powerful, Quiet Direct Current Motor

The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan utilizes a German engineered direct current motor. The motor is precision balanced to achieve low motor vibration and low motor noise. Additionally, the motor sits in an isolation bracket to further ensure a smooth, quiet operation. Each motor undergoes individual motor winding testing to ensure consistent motor performance. Natural Light backs up the solar attic fan motor with a 25 year warranty. Some of our competitors use lower grade motors with much shorter warranties.

5-Wing Fan Blade

It uses a five-wing, precision balanced blade for the highest cfm output. The fan blades are manufactured using a non-corrosive aluminum to withstand all weather conditions. Many of our competition offer only 3 or 4 blades and some are made of plastic.

Protective Animal Screen

The interior of our fans is protected by a stainless steel wire screen mesh. The screen keeps out debris, bugs, birds and small rodents while allowing air to circulate freely. Some of our competitors use lower grade mesh such as plastic or steel that rusts over time.

Commercial Pure Grade Aluminum Flashing

The flashing is extremely important component as it is responsible for keeping your roof from leaking. Our solar Attic Fan flashing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams. Its round shape minimizes damage to roof shingles and enables it to withstand the stresses of expansion and contraction due to the temperature variations. Many of our competitors use lower grade galvanized materials or even plastic. Both the flashing and housing are powder-coated inside and out for extra durability. Many of our competitors either paint only the outside or do not paint the unit at all. Also, many of our competitors less durable materials such as polypropylene (plastic), sheet metal or galvanized steel for the flashing of their solar attic fans.

How we Can Help

We come out to your house, take all the necessary measurements, count and account for all your intake and exhaust, and use the information to design a balance solar fan attic exhaust system that will meet your needs with the components was described above.  The initial cost for the consult is $95.00 and we do apply that towards any purchases you make with us within 90 days.    

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